Bill of Rights Mneumonic (1)

First possible way to remember amendments–using hand movements & words:

  • First Amendment Rapps!  Religion, assembly, petition, press, and speech
  • Amendment II (2)–you have TWO hands, TWO arms to BEAR ARMS
  • Amendment III (3)–THREE’s a crowd, and government can’t QUARTER troops in your home.  Just you & your family–not you, your family, and some soldiers!
  • Amendment IV (4)–You need a search warrant to search FOUR something.  Split four in half, and you get the TWO parts of this amendment:  SEARCH and SEIZURE.  Curl your hand as if you are going to knock on a door with the four-fingered fist–that’s the police knocking, and you can say NO if they don’t have a warrant.
  • Amendment V (5)–you can plead the fifth.  You don’t have to confess your crimes, even if there are FIVE crimes or FIVE hundred crimes or FIVE thousand crimes, even if police ask you FIVE times. Cover your mouth with your hand, think about ALL FIVE fingers.
  • Amendment VI (6) right to have a LAWYER and to a SPEEDY TRIAL.  Imagine yourself pointing with your left index finger to a wrist watch on your right hand–speedy trial!  Six fingers=speedy trial.
  • Amendment VII (7) is trial by jury for civil trial.  7 looks like an upside down J (for jury).
  • Amendment VIII (8) says no excessive bail or fines, and no cruel and unusual punishment.  Imagine handcuffs that look like the number 8.
  • Amendment IX (9) says there may be other rights not listed–picture two fists in the air, minus one finger–that means maybe more rights!
  • Amendment X (10) says other POWERS ARE RESERVED to the states or to the people.  Hold up both hands–all ten fingers–and grab them.