What are some effective strategies for listening to a speech?

Identify the main idea of a speech, or what a speech is about.  

Take notes on the supporting details of a speech (Kate’s note–>this is more appropriate if you are listening to a recording, or if the audience is expected to take notes).  But don’t try to write down everything!  Use abbreviations, phrases to jot down some of the ideas in the speech.

Write down any questions you have.

Summarize–describe the speech in your own words, from beginning to end.  Be sure to

  • identify the speaker (and, if the speech is given a title, the title; it’s useful to specify the place or event).
  • be sure to identify the main idea–what is the speech about? and the theme–what is the message of the speech?
  • be sure to describe how the speaker begins, how the speech develops through the middle of the speech, and how the speech closes.