Writing Process

From Scholastic.com blog, Kriscia Cabral.





Brainstorm ideas.  What do you want to write about?  What do you want to say about that topic?

Create a graphic organizer.





Create a first draft.  Refer to your graphic organizer.

Write your ideas in order–but don’t worry too much about being polished.  Your main goal is to get things down in order, and make progress in organizing.  

This may even help you think of new ideas, and new ways to organize!






Proofread, revise your own work.

Use “peer editing”–get feedback about your work from others, including other students, your teachder, parents, etc.





Rewrite a second draft.  Include all of the revisions that you want to make.





Proofread again.





Final copy–neat, including illustrations or figures, sources, etc., title, author…and share!-