Types of Energy / Electromagnetic Spectrum (Module 2.04)

Quizlet on types of energy and electromagnetic spectrum

And, of course, the obligatory cheesy song about the electromagnetic spectrum.  Particularly good at explaining how, in day to day life, the electromagnetic spectrum is relevant.

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Why do we even CARE about the Electromagnetic Spectrum?

Remember, without the electromagnetic spectrum, you couldn’t see anything–literally, nothing.  No color.  No light.  (In fact, whether there would BE anything without the sun’s radiation is …. well, probably the answer is no.)

As far as more mundane things that we have because of the electromagnetic spectrum–AM & FM radio.  Sound waves aren’t on the EM spectrum, so (if not for that pesky thing about nothing existing without the sun’s radiation), you could HEAR him sing, but not over the radio!  Also, no radio waves means no radar–so perhaps the police can’t flag you, but that’s also a problem for weather prediction, and for the military technology.  Also, no GPS, so you’d be lost, without knowing what the  weather would be….

Along with radiowaves–no more Microwaves–forget that delicious warmed up pizza for breakfast.  Oh, and no satellite communication, so no wifi!!!!

No infrared rays means problems for crimefighters.  No ultraviolet rays means no more sunburns–although, again, no more light.  At all.  

Gamma rays used for medical treatment–dangerous though they are–they wouldn’t exist.  X-rays to tell you if you broke your arm?  Forget it.  (And no one  is signing your cast in different colored ink!)  (Ultrasounds, on the other hand, are sound waves….)

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