Energy-Work-Power (Module 1.05, 1.06)

Quizlet on work, energy, and power

* note there are a few useful formulas at the bottom of this page

Good websites:

Energy, Work, and Power (Crash Course Physics)

How power gets to your house (Crash Course Physics) (this is covered at different points in a physics or physical science class–but it is essentially covering the distinction between batteries and transformers). 

A really interesting discussion of the history of AC versus DC power–the power wars between George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison of the early 1900s–can be found here (from a journal published at the University of Southern California.)  There is also a movie (“The Prestige”) that tells the tale.

Physics4Kids (on potential energy, kinetic energy, and work)

Gravitational Potential Energy (Flipping Physics)

Introduction to Kinetic Energy (Flipping Physics)

Introduction to Kinetic Energy, 2 (Flipping Physics)

Introduction to Elastic Potential Energy (Flipping Physics)

Work, energy, and power (Flipping Physics–a bit advanced)

Introduction to work w/examples (Flipping Physics)

Introductory work problem (Flipping Physics)

Introduction to Power (Flipping Physics)

BBC website on forms of energy

Physics Classroom, section on Work, Energy, Power